Saturday, 7 July 2007

Hard Rock Cafe Ad

I saw this advert in a recent local newspaper and thought it was a good example of a strong but simple idea well executed (and at low cost as black and white adverts in newspapers generally costly less than colour ones). The ‘rock fist’ fork and head line ‘Schools out for summer’ (which is a reference to an Alice Cooper song) remind the reader of the restaurants Rock’n’Roll/American roots and the two lines of copy below tell the reader what the advert is advertising. This is a very simple but well thought out ad – and it is this that makes it stand out from a newspaper page full of loud adverts shouting ‘sale this weekend only!!!!’.


Beccie Deighton said...

Yet another fantastic example of simplicity in design working. One simple copy line and a slight amendment to a fork and it's done.... It's this sort of advertising that I admire, as I tend overthink ideas and unnecessarily complicate them. Simple = successful.

Holly Mee said...

This sums hard rock up in one effortless picture and it works as a black and white newspaper print but i can imagine it having more impact in colour.

I agree simple is succesful but its easy to overthink because your trying to make it simpel, you go round in viscous circles.