Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Zip-loc Advert

This is an advert I recently saw on a blog put together design team ‘James and Joe Creative’ (see their blog advertising reseal able plastic bags. When I first watched the advert I couldn’t quite work out what the ad was for or what it is trying to say – until the line ‘stop time’ appeared on the screen and I realised just what the ad is about and just how brilliant it is. It shows that you don’t need a big budget to produce fantastic advertising as the most important thing is the ‘idea’ – and just because the product is something as unexciting as a plastic bag it shouldn’t stop you producing some brilliant advertising.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Cadburys Gorilla Advertising

After hearing about this advert several times I finally saw a short clip from it last night on TV – and immediately had to go and watch a full version of it youtube. The advert is the Cadburys ‘Phil Collins Gorilla’ by the design agency ‘Fallon London’ where a Gorilla plays the drums to Phil Collins ‘Coming in the air tonight’. The advert is supposed to give voice to the idea that Cadbury Milk Chocolate is made with glass and a half of milk so is giving you something extra. I don’t think that this is the greatest advert in terms of strengthening brands message, however it is a brilliant advert in terms of getting the Cadbury name talked about – it had been talked about in national press, on radio 1 (which has millions of listeners all over the world) and at the time of writing this article the clip that I have attached to had been viewed over ¼ million times on youtube (and there where at least 20 over versions of the video on the site). To produce a more conventional campaign that would reach this many people would cost millions in advertising so this is good example of how best to use your budget.

The Kilns Launch Weekend Flyer

The above images show how I got my inspiration for a launch flyer for a new housing development that the marketing company where I am doing my work placement came from. I was given the brief to produce a flyer aimed at people in their mid 20’s – early 30’s to promote the launch of the show apartment in a new apartment block. My inspiration came from the album artwork of a Franz Ferdinand CD ‘You could have had it so much better’ (image 1). I mocked up the idea (image 2) and presented it to my Account Manager who liked the really concept as both the band and apartment block have a similar target audience and our target audience are likely to catch onto the joke. Image 3 is the front of the final flyer (the cappuccino colour is the colour of the development) as we decided not to completely rip off the CD cover so that we didn’t get sued.