Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Cadburys Gorilla Advertising

After hearing about this advert several times I finally saw a short clip from it last night on TV – and immediately had to go and watch a full version of it youtube. The advert is the Cadburys ‘Phil Collins Gorilla’ by the design agency ‘Fallon London’ where a Gorilla plays the drums to Phil Collins ‘Coming in the air tonight’. The advert is supposed to give voice to the idea that Cadbury Milk Chocolate is made with glass and a half of milk so is giving you something extra. I don’t think that this is the greatest advert in terms of strengthening brands message, however it is a brilliant advert in terms of getting the Cadbury name talked about – it had been talked about in national press, on radio 1 (which has millions of listeners all over the world) and at the time of writing this article the clip that I have attached to had been viewed over ¼ million times on youtube (and there where at least 20 over versions of the video on the site). To produce a more conventional campaign that would reach this many people would cost millions in advertising so this is good example of how best to use your budget.

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