Wednesday, 8 August 2007

A defence of the new London 2012 identity (well, a bit of a defence)

Firstly I must point out that I am by no stretch of the imagination a fan of the look of the new Olympic logo, it should have been throw out at the early stages of the design process and had I produced something this downright ugly on my degree course I’d count my self lucky if I actually passed. I do however admire the thinking behind the logo.
Firstly unlike many other logos Wolff Olins have produced one that doesn’t have any stereotypical items such as Big Ben or Tower Bridge.
Secondly the games won’t be for another 5 years and Wolff Olins have produced a design that won’t remain rigid – the identity has been designed to be changed over the years. It is similar to the highly successful Google logo in this way which is never the same from one day to the next. It has been designed in a way that designer will be able to ‘play’ with it for years to come.
Thirdly in my lifetime I have never come across a logo that has generated so much free publicity – never a bad thing. It is bright and easily recognisable and definitely different.
Fourthly it is simple and easy to reproduce for web, print, clothing TV etc – some people claim that this is bad a looks as if their child could have created it but as Bryan Bedell of the studio Coudal Partners points out ‘some of the worlds best logos as very simple (Christian cross is just two lines) and your child didn’t create it. So give it a rest. Or send us her CV’.

Obviously the list of negatives that people have put together is much longer than this, I just felt I needed to point out a few of the good points of the logo that’s its designers had in their defence – and who knows, in 5 years time we might all be queuing and prepared to part with large amounts of out hard earned cash for a 2012 branded t-shirt…

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