Saturday, 19 July 2008

Blackpool Please Beach – New Identity

This is a poster illustrating the new Blackpool Pleasure Beach Identity designed by Johnson Banks and launched in the summer 2006. The poster shows how Johnson Banks has successfully combined the Pleasure Beach’s 100-year history (the 1920’s style typography) with all the thrills and excitement of a modern park with big rides (the beautiful shot of the Pepsi Max roller coaster at sunset). The re-brand has also aimed to dispel some of the negative images and stereotypes that are associated with the Blackpool and this simple, clean poster certainly helps the Pleasure Beach do this and stand out from the crowd of other similar theme parks with their busy and slightly garish adverts.

My personal favorite part is the logo (explanation mark with the words 'pleasure beach' in) as this visualy represents the idea of big exciting rides and the loud noises of a fun fair perfectly - it will also stamp onto tickets really well.

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