Thursday, 24 July 2008

Da Font – Free Typefaces is a website that is definitely well worth adding to your favourites bar – it is an online library of thousands of typefaces that you can search by name, author and most importantly style and then download for free. I have found it really useful – especially at the early stages of creating logos as it has a huge verity of unusual and unique faces. The site isn’t quite perfect though – I have found that some typefaces wont convert to PDF or cause your computer to crash if you try print a document with them in (although most of the time if you convert them to outlines you can get around this) so it is best to test them out before you use them on a job. Also as they are free to download from a public site it means anybody else can use them as well – which could be a problem in the case of a logo.

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Francesca Bennett said...

I love this website it is a life saver! I discovered it this past year in Florida and have to say have definitely downloaded my fair share or typeface! Although the only problem is that there are some really horribly tacky typefaces that should never have been invented let alone used which I fear may get used at all!! I guess you can't have the good with out the bad!