Thursday, 24 July 2008

Michon Recruitment Advert

I came across this job advert whilst looking through some old design magazines for potential agencies to send my CV to for some work experience and this advert really struck me and set the company out from all the others advertising in the magazine. Firstly after pages of small ads all filled with copy this was the first full page ‘designed’ advert, which obviously made it stand out – but more importantly as a potential candidate for a job you immediately start to build up an image of the agency. As the agency has clearly spent a lot of money on the advert you immediately feel that this is a big agency prepared to spend money on recruiting the very best staff. They have also taken the time to design a clever advert further emphasising the idea that they take recruiting people very seriously. The ad itself is well laid out (the copy follows the line of the meat cutter) and the copy is clever and clearly had some thinking put into it. All these elements build up a positive image of the agency, one that really values it staff, one that you want to work for – all this before you have seen the type of work they produce, the clients they have or how much money they offer.

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