Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Sweden Graphics Illustration Warning of the Dangers of Over Fishing

This an illustration by Sweden Graphics that I recently saw and I think this is a brilliant example of how a well thought out and designed piece of work can get across a very complex idea with out using any words or flashy colours. The illustration shows a tower of cards – the top card has a human mouth on it, the one below a big fish, below that a smaller fish, below that a some plankton and blow that algae. There is then a human hand poised as if about to remove the card with the small fish on it – the message is simple, we all know what will happen when the hand pulls out that one card, the tower will collapse, and the same will happen if we continue to over fish until certain specifies are extinct.

It also reminded me of a piece of design work that I was show my one of my tutors when I was looking around the University of Leeds on an open day. A student had created a poster, which a silhouette of a Blue Whale made out of small silhouettes of bugs and insects – the tag line was ‘Save a woodlouse’. Again the poster was promoting a similar and complex idea in a very graphic way.

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