Thursday, 31 July 2008

The New Staffordshire Identity

This is the new logo developed by the design agency ‘Dragon’ for the Staffordshire Tourist Board as part of their overall re-branding/new identity. Dragon where given the difficult task of creating an identity for the county that would appeal to a huge and very diverse target audience whilst highlighting all the different things you can see and do in the county – from an action packed day at Alton Towers to some culture and history at Drayton Manor or relaxing by the canal. Dragon have tried to highlight Staffordshire as ‘a world of possibilities’ (Design Week May 2007) and although I initially thought the logo was far too complex I have since realised that I was wrong. Although the logo is comprised of seven elements, plus the name, the fact that they are all monotone silhouettes and fit together to form a circle (or a globe) makes the logo look simpler. The different elements actually project the idea that the county has very diverse attractions and offers something for everyone much better than a single element ever could.

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