Saturday, 2 August 2008

New Coca-Cola TV Adverts

Coca-Cola have just launched an new campaign for the summer based on series of TV adverts highlighting how refreshing and ice-cold glass of the iconic beverage can be when its hot outside. The campaign is consists of a series of short (10second) beautiful shot clips of the stages of pouring a perfect glass of Coke, from putting a scoop of ice cubes into a Coke glass to opening the glass bottle and pouring the Coke over the ice. These clips are designed really glamorise the product and are very reminiscent of alcohol adverts such are Magners Irish Cider where Magners is poured over ice or the Guinness adverts with the close ups of Guinness being poured into a glass and the head forming. I very much like the adverts and I think they work very well, they have a grown up feel and aim to glamorise the product and focus on how refreshing it is which works well with the rest of the Coke brand – and makes them stand out from competitors who can sometimes look a bit childish (think the cartoon Fanta adverts). I think Coke have also been very lucky with the good weather we’re having at the moment – the ads wouldn’t have looked as good last summer for example when there where floods in many parts of the country.


scarlet-blue said...

Yes, I agree, I really like these ads too.
What good weather . . . ?!!!! Where?

dannyboy said...

mmm, I think there'd been a slight lul in the storm that is the great british summer and I'd got abit carried away....

Still, with 5 days left in August I live in hope!