Friday, 19 September 2008

1000 Pin-Up Girls – Taschen

I bought the book ‘1000 Pin-Up Girls’ in Waterstones last week, which gives a fascinating insight into men’s magazine of 1950’s America. The book, after a short introduction, is simply a collection of pictures, articles, photo shoots and adverts from several of publisher/editor Robert Harrison’s magazines of the period, which appear to be the equivalent of FHM and Maxim today. The photos (many of which aren’t even photos but illustrations instead) are very tongue in cheek and very tame compared to today standards, but it is quite easy to see how 60 years ago they could be considered shocking to some people. It is also interesting to see how tastes have changed over the years – the large hips and stockings wouldn’t really fit in today’s magazines where photoshoping images is the norm. The thing that really attracted me to the book are the wonderful pin-up girl illustrations, I love the playfulness, the long legs and exaggerated curves which all look much more fun than sultry cover girls of today.

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Francesca Bennett said...

I also agree the illustration style is second to none! The almost water colour like images are so soft, smooth and therefore very sensual. I guess thats the appeal of them.