Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Kneebouncers is a fun site designed for young children to play on, it’s full of simple games where you press a button on the keyboard and some thing bright and colourful happens on screen. The site is really well designed, the designers have identified that there was a need for a site that very young children can use with their parents, where the games aren’t difficult or need any sort of hand eye coordination. I was first shown the website a couple of years ago but I’ve recently been working on a project at work where we wanted to build some simple games into it so I got in contact with the designers who built this site to fin out how they did it – here is the response I got from Jim Robinson of PUNCH

“Hi Danny, Thanks for the email! Yes kneebouncers is all flash -- Kurt Dommermuth (flash guru you may want to visit more stuff he has done -- kurtdommermuth.com or thetruthiswhatyoubelieve.com or the flash community organicflash.com) is my best friend and once I came up with the idea and drawings he brought it all to life.”

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