Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at tiffany’s was originally a book written by Truman Capote in 1958 but was adapted for film in 1961 with Audrey Hepburn cast as the main character Holly Golightly, probably the most iconic character she every played. The film is basically a romantic comedy about the romance between Hepburns character and her new next door neighbour ‘Fred’ (he was given this nick name by Holly Golighty as he looks like her brother). The storyline of the film didn’t particularly grab me personally, but what did was the setting of the film – 1960’s New York oozed style and fashion whether it was the 60’s furnishings of Holly’s apartment or the chrome finished bus that Holly’s ex-husband left on I really enjoyed this glimpse of what the world looked like in 1960 (at least what it looked like according to Hollywood). I found it interesting to think that items such as furniture and vehicles from this period can still look stylish nearly 50 years on, where as many of the concrete buildings of the same period don’t.

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scarlet-blue said...

One day the storyline will grab you. I always cry like an idiot at the end when they go looking for the very soggy cat. This film sold a thousand 'shift' dresses and possibly as many cigarette holders!