Sunday, 14 September 2008

How to loose a few hours -

I was introduced to by James Callahan ( which is a website that works as an online collection of found images, illustrations, photos, logos, adverts and art from various other websites and blogs. By simply clicking on a picture the site then suggests several other photos that you might like or from the same user – the first time I visited the site I must have spent best part of an hour clicking around like a kid in an online sweet shop. Next time I’m struggling to find some inspiration I know which site to visit.

I’ve picked out a few found images, which I liked – as you can see from the Ikea coffin instructions some a pretty random. The polar bear made from the lines of a tube map I really clever as well.


scarlet-blue said...

Love the loo sign at the top!

Michael said...

Really all the great..

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