Sunday, 14 September 2008

Tic Tac Adverts

These are a series of press adverts for the mints ‘Tic Tacs’ designed to emphasise there minty freshness by two advertising students Laurence Collings and Tom Green from the University College Falmouth. It is the simplicity of these ads that I really admire. Being a student myself I understand that budgets can sometimes be a factor when we are creating designs however instead of being constrained by it they have been liberated and created something really unique. Had this project been given to a large and busy design agency with a bug budget there may have been a temptation to create a rather generic mint advert involving ice crystals, fresh water and people kissing. Instead of this the pair have gone back to basics and created some simple adverts (a Tic Tac on a tooth brush, a Tic Tac as a speech bubble) that project the Tic Tac brand and message brilliantly. Students the world over (myself included) should take note.

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