Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Freitag Store in Zurich

The Freitag store in Zurich is a brilliant example of a really unusual piece of architecture, a clever use of recycling but most importantly in my opinion a fantastic advert for the company and way of broad casting what it does and its brand values to the world (Freitag is a fashion company that makes bags, wallets, I-pod cases and similar goods out of recycled truck tarpaulins). The store was built on a relatively small plot of land out of 17 disused dry steel containers – the type used for storage and shipping on lorries (which ties in with the truck tarpaulins that they make their good out of) – with the base (the bottom four stories) working as a shop and the rest of the tower as a huge advert for the company and brand. Being built on a brown field site and out of old dry steel containers which have little value after their working life is over the cost both in monetary terms and to the environment will have been a fraction of that if the company had wanted to build a traditional shop in heart of Zurich.

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