Sunday, 10 August 2008

AEG Washing Machines – Noise Awareness Campaign

This is fantastic new campaign by BBH and online agency Perfect Fools which uses interactive billboards placed in five major European cities and an website to promote the fact that AEG washing machines are quieter than their rivals. The Billboards have built in noise sensors which display on the billboard just how load the area is in decibels at that moment in time. All this information feeds into the website and you can see how the different cities compare through a series of graphs and charts. According to BBH Creative Director Kevin Stark an interesting side affect of the campaign has been that they have had groups of people stood in front of the billboards shouting and making noise – trying to make the decibel metre go up. Instead of just walking past the billboards and ignoring them as they do the hundreds of other billboards they see on a daily basis people are actually paying attention to this one – BBH have created and advert that doesn’t look like an advert (see my Paul Bedford article).

Visit to see the site.

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