Saturday, 30 August 2008

National Express – Miniature Prices Adverts

This one of a series of new adverts for the National Express promoting the idea miniature prices to destinations such as London and Scotland by using miniature toys. I really these adverts, the use of the stop-fame animation with the miniature characters is brilliant (reminiscent of the Cravendale Milk adverts – I wonder if the when done by the same guys…) and the scripts and fun (again, like the Cravendale adverts…).

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James Callahan said...

nice ads, but,,, they do just say Miiilllkk to me. With such a distinct style unfortunately that animator is now soo associated with those wicked milk ads. If they where done by the seme creatives that did the cravendale ones, is that a bit lazy?? Maybe not, because the concept does work, but..