Saturday, 23 August 2008 - Website with a difference

We had a freelancer in at work yesterday who showed me this website for an American / Dutch design agency called Modernista that really caught my eye. Most agencies websites act as and online portfolio/list of famous clients/trophy cabinet – Modernista have on the other hand have created a website which is supposed to show what the internet thinks of their company. The best way to understand how it works is to visit the site for yourself - - but it basically works by having a red navigation in the top left hand corner then when you click on one of the options the website behind the navigation changes, i.e. when you click ‘about’ it takes you to Wikipedia or ‘work’ it takes you to some Flickr pages that have examples of their work. I think it is a really clever idea and show that the agency do things differently and have original ideas – things that as a client you want from your design agency.

There are however a couple of issues with the site – when you go to ‘about’ and it takes you to the Wikipedia page there is a disclaimer at the top from Wikipedia that indicates that they aren’t best pleased about being used like this. I also don’t understand why they have used words like ‘ab.ou.t’, ‘wrk’ or ‘n3wz’. Also, allegedly, the idea isn’t even that original either – apparently it was done by another smaller agency first.

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