Saturday, 30 August 2008

Jo’s Jewellery Logo

This is a really nice simple logo designed by Pentagram for an independent jewellery designer called Jo Calver. It’s a really nice simple make that both uses the letters of Jo’s name but also the idea of jewellery in an interesting way (the ‘o’ looks like a ring or necklace hanging on the ‘j’).


James Callahan said...

i'm liking some of the logos you've found, but think this is my fav.. Soo elegant and sexy.. Not 100% sure about the outline stroke but its swish as.

Anthony Smith said...

Now slate me as you wish but I don't really like the design that much. For me the design doesn't say jewellery and I think to capture the elegance of the store I think the characters shouldn't be as bold.

However I do think the logo could look very nice if used in a very simple way, white reversed out of black, with lots of space around it.