Saturday, 9 August 2008

Recycle Now Adverts

These are two adverts from the Recycle Now campaign by Stephan Owen, a Graphic Design student at Stockport College. Recycling and green issues are hot topics at the moment which means that the adverts can some times look a bit ‘me to’ – using the same elements such as the colour green or a large statistic. Instead Owen has produced simple illustrations that communicate a fairly complex idea in clever and fast way (the light bulb with a bottle in says that recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to power a 60W light bulb for 500 hours and the zip says that recycling 25 plastic bottles will make one fleece).

1 comment:

Anthony Smith said...

Really like these daverts. The light bulb one does remind me of a recent Grolsch campaign for the "Green Light District".