Saturday, 16 August 2008


Nike are once again taking advantage of new technologies in their new campaign called Nike PHOTOiD. Previously they had a very successful and ground braking campaign when they teamed up the Apple I-Pod to create a website / shoe that allowed you to create a music playlists to go with your workouts and then get feedback. Now they have created a service that allows customers (especially fans of customising their own clothes/shoes) to take a photo with their camera phone of an object or scene from their environment that has interesting colours then send it as a message to Nike. Nike will then send them back a link to a website where they can view their own unique pair of Nike Dunks customised using the key colours from the photo plus the original photo – if the customer likes them they can even buy the shoes. This is an example of a brand embracing new technology to market and sell their products. Visit

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