Saturday, 30 August 2008

The V&A Museum of Childhood – More fantastic design from the V&A

After success of their promotional design work for their ‘Uncomfortable truths’ exhibition (the exhibition that explored the links between art and the slave trade – the logo was the coloured ink smudge that resemble an African head in profile) the V&A have again commissioned some fantastic illustration based adverts to promote their museum of childhood. The 70’s colours, fun illustrations and superb copywriting (headlines include ‘get there by train, by bus or by the power of greyskull’ and ‘vintage Barbie dolls, love like a sister, decapitated by a brother’) combine to make some really good posters.

I’ve also heard that they produced a sticker set as a mailer that allows you to create a spaceship from a old bottle – I haven’t seen one of these yet but it’s a brilliant idea for a piece of ambient media.

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Katharine Bell said...

Hi Daniel, I love the last poster. I think its brilliant. The train and the bus makes you think about actually taking the journey, while the style they are drawn in makes you think of kids toys. Then the hand with the sword, referencing he-man, is so cleverly placed to create a humorous yet incredibly nostalgic emotion. Best poster I've seen in years!