Saturday, 16 August 2008

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Ambient Media

These are two new ‘posters’/ pieces of ambient media designed by German designer Jung von Matt for Mercedes-Benz. The posters have been designed to highlight the cars ability to perform on all terrains and instead of the usual uber-macho designs that we have seen from other car manufactures such as Nissan or Jeep they have created these clever posters made from real stones, sand and gravel that depict the cars in each terrain. These will no doubt cost more to produce and install than traditional posters but will definitely stand out more, be more memorable and give a better impression of the brand.

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Anthony Smith said...

cracking piece of ambient media. You get a real sense of the time and effort that it would have taken for this to happen, working out where the stones needed to be to create the image.