Saturday, 16 August 2008

Now Showing – A Exhibition of Old School Screen Printed Movie Posters

Now Showing is a new collection being displayed in London’s Cosh Gallery (or on the internet at that was devised and curated by the designer Darren Firth. Firth set a group of designers the brief to illustrate a movie poster for a cult or obscure film from the past. The resulting posters have a really refreshing feel about them when compared to today’s highly photoshoped film posters. I feel they give a better ‘feel’ for the film than simply a large photo of the leading actor (as many film posters are today). They look like works of art in their own right that someone has carefully designed and created rather than the throw away designs that we are bombarded with today. As a designer looking at these posters I think it would be great if I could work some screen-printed designs into my future projects – I think they would really stand out because they look so different to the designs we are used to seeing.

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