Saturday, 30 August 2008

Remembrance Sunday Postage Stamp and the D&AD’s

Only two pieces of design received a nomination and none won a highly sort after ‘Black Pencil’ this years D&AD awards which was abit of a shock to the graphic design industry. This stamp to commemorate Remembrance Sunday was one (see my article below for my thoughts on the other) and I personally fell that the judges may have been a little harsh. Even in a year where, allegedly, the quality of entries was so low that only two where deemed good enough to gain a nomination I still feel this graphic was good enough to take home a pencil. It is a simple idea beautifully executed – everything pencil winning design should be. Or at least that’s my opinion anyway – does anybody else have any thoughts?


Anthony Smith said...

The thing I love about this piece of work is the fact it honestly takes me time everytime I look at it to see the image of the soldiers in the middle. I guess at a small stamp size this could be even harder to see but for me this makes it beautiful in its approach. The poppy itself is a great and memorable image to represent d-day and anyone who notices the design within gets an even better visual image.

dannyboy said...

Yes thats what I love about it - if you just glance at it you might think its just an arty shot of a poppy, but then you notice the solders and are like, not wait, that brilliant!