Saturday, 16 August 2008

St. George’s Crypt Annual Review

It is not unusual for companies, when producing their Annual Reviews, to take this opportunity to turn what could be a fairly mundane report into something really special that represents the company (after all it is being sent out to their most important investors and share holders). This is what B&W Studio have done for a charity based near where I live, St. George’s Crypt in Leeds, which helps homeless people. The report its self is very well designed with some fantastic photography, but it is the holder that really stood out for me – it is a congregated card board folder which when folded out looks both like a Christian cross (it is a Christian charity) and a box that a homeless person would sleep on when the they where living on the street.


Beccie Deighton said...

This is great. I've worked on a few annual reports during my placement, and I agree, it is a great opportunity to get creative with a company brand or style. This has got to be one of the best I've seen, though, through it's simple utilisation of cardboard and the poignant cross shape. Clever!

Katharine Bell said...

I too just wanted to congratulate you on finding such an innovative and cleverly designed annual report. Its sleek and relevant design combats the idea that Christian charities are stuffy and un-relevant in today's society.